1974 Born in Hogyo, Japan.
    1997 Graduated from Department of Production and Design, Kobe University of Arts and Design.
    Worked with five designers and created a designers' team called Air-Com.
    Released PP-lamp series.
    1999 Founded Modern, a company that designs, produces and market s lamps. Expand business to Tokyo and start active marketing as an interior designer.
    2000 Participated in joint venture with IDEE for international sales. Released Wappa Shade series.
    2001 Accepted invitation from U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and participated in Design 21 in NY. Produced household furniture and invented new materials. Engaged in collaboration work with other designers.

    Modern: Founded in April 1999. Toshiyuki Tani, a founder of Modern designs, produces and markets lamps.

    Concept of his lumps: The vision of his lumps has its roots in "Kohyu", a Japanese words, meaning the playing of light. Shadows created by a lamp may resemble the images of flowers that are reflected on the boundaries of the rooms. Tani's penchant for fifteenth can be seen in his creature.

  • 2002 Released Mocoro Lamp series.
    Held exclusive presentations in Japan.
    began a new series of domestic design for restaurants.
    2003 Released PP-Wood Lamp Shade series.
    2004 Released Sen Lamp.

    To place an order from overseas, please send an email to modern_t@hotmail.com.